Art Katalyst

“Freakshow And Oddities”

By Erica Furness | Art Katalyst Magazine | PDF Article | Purchase On MagCloud
September 2014, Issue #6, Pg. 16-17


   Erica Furness is an insured professional freak show and circus performer located in Toronto, Ontario. She is also an internationally published alternative model. She has been performing for over five years and is one of the five original members of IlluminAir Entertainment. She is a fire dancer specializing in fire staff, fire fans, fire eating, fire fingers, and fleshing (trails of fire across the body and lighting the tongue on fire). She also performs as a bed of nails artist, human pincushion, glass walker, professional mermaid and can crack a seven-foot bullwhip. Her acts range from corporate family-friendly shows to the dark, twisted and graceful. Movement and character are the main focus in her shows. She always strives to deliver everything one would expect from a classic sideshow performance but with a new twist. Fetish style events are Erica’s favourite venues for performing and creating new acts. She puts in a lot of time and practice to ensure that the audience gets an unforgettable and safe show.