The Dark Parlour

Burns The Dragon, Erica Furness, IlluminAir Entertainment & Raezor Latex

By Erica Furness | The Dark Parlour – An Alternative Culture Magazine | PDF Article | Purchase On MagCloud
March 2016, Issue #26, Pg. 47-52 | 3 min. read

   Erica Furness is an international side show and circus performer based out of Toronto. She is also an internationally published alternative model. She has been performing for over seven years and modelling for nine. She loves to sink her teeth into modelling projects with creative and challenging concepts. She often has a hand in styling and directing shoots, and sometimes even designing the outfits. She is always thrilled to see ideas come to life that make a strong visual impact. On the runway, and in publications, most often found wrapped in latex or a corset. This seems fitting, as it is no secret that she is somewhat of a latex enthusiast.

   Have you ever wanted to know what its like to put an industrial staple gun to someone’s flesh and pull the trigger? Or witness someone jump in a pile of razor sharp broken glass? See what happens when a girl puts her hands in live animal traps, or watch someone lowered onto a bed of nails while hanging upside down from chains? Have you ever hears the crack of an eight foot bullwhip? Would you like to see someone dance with and eat fire? These are just a few of the things you may encounter at one of Erica’s shows. If amazing feats are not impressive enough on their own, her dazzling costumes and elaborate props are sure to captivate.

   Erica is deeply passionate about performing. She has a background in dance and theatre. Combine that with her love of pushing the limits, and her desire to create a spectacle – it is no wonder that she wound up as a sideshow performer. Movement and character often play a big role in her shows. She always strives to deliver everything one would expect from a classic sideshow, but with a new twist. She has performed at Theatre Bizarre held at the world’s largest masonic temple in Detroit, opened for bands such as Finger Eleven, and showcased numerous acts at Torture Garden. You can also find her performing at galas, expos, music festivals, and the occasional TV show.

   Fetish and horror themed events are her favourite to perform at. They give her a chance to really let loose, and give the audience a taste of something fun and bizarre. But regardless of what the theme is for her shows, she says the best part of performing is making a connection with her audience. She is very diverse, although best known for her dark, twisted yet shocking and creepy performances. But she also has equal entertaining corporate and family friendly options.

   Erica is also one of the five original members of Illuminair Entertainment circus troupe. Illuminair has grown and thrived since it’s beginning over six years ago. Together the troupe has performed at several major busker festivals, and produces their own variety show twice a year, just to name a few of their accomplishments.

   Erica Furness puts in lots of time and practice to insure that the audience gets an engaging, unforgettable, and safe show. At one of her performances you may be mesmerized, disgusted, amazed and possibly turned on. But one thing you will never be is bored!

This excerpt is from the article “Burns The Dragon, Erica Furness, IlluminAir Entertainment & Raezor Latex” written by Erica Furness, Josh Burns, Rae Szereszewski/Raezor Latex, and Melyssa Anishnabie/Fragile Muse Photography. To read the full article purchase this issue of Dark Parlour in print or digital format at MagCloud.