FAT16 – Amplify Apparel Review

Fashion Art Toronto 2016 – Best of the Runway

By Vanessa Petey | Fashion Canadiana | PDF Article
Sun., Apr 17, 2016

Fashion Art Toronto 2016
Amplify Apparel: SS16 Pleasure Collection
Photography: Missy Ink | Altovenue
Model / Performer: Erica Furness
Model / Piercer: Gordon “Gore” MacDonald
Model / Performer: Jeremy Hernandez

The reaction from the crowd is usually a pretty good sign of the success of a particular show. The reaction to the Amplify Apparel Collection which took place on Day 1 of FAT had everyone’s jaws on the floor. It takes a lot to shock the people who attend FAT – but designer Allie Wood knows how to do it every time. Her cast of devious characters indulging in each of their own “Pleasures” filled the room with their explosive energy – finishing appropriately with a live piercing featuring sideshow performer Erica Furness. Take out each individual accessory from the look and add it to absolutely any simple outfit and watch it go from dull to amplified.

This excerpt was written by Vanessa Petey of Fashion Canadiana reviewing her favourite collections on the runway at Fashion Art Toronto. For more incite on the event, jump over to fashioncanadiana.com for the full article.