NERDGASM – All Things Whedon Variety Show

Hail to the Nerd King Whedon!

By VFDPixie | PDF Article | Rosemary’s Pixie
Wed., Jan 23, 2013

Nerdgasm – All Things Whedon Variety Show
IlluminAir Entertainment
Model / Performer: Erica Furness and Druscilla’s doll

“Next up was fire dancer Erica Furness as Druscilla, the vampire from Angel. I’ve known Erica for quite some time, and was really jazzed to see her perform. She held the audience captive as she swayed over a bed of nails, making some of us wonder if she was really going to lay on it. She did not disappoint, and carefully crawled atop her pointy perch, lit wands of fire, and skimmed the flames over her glowing skin. Definitely not an act to miss!”

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