One girl’s surreal experience as she discovers a mermaid beneath the surface.


Videography by Clearwater Photography

Directed by Joanne Doughty

Story by Jacqueline Marie Gowan

Erica Furness as the Mermaid

Tori Mazakian as the Girl

Video Edited by Jacqueline Marie Gowan

Sound Composed by Jacqueline Marie Gowan

Mermaid Tail Construction by Erica Furness & Neko Gray

Make Up by Erica Furness


The film itself is lost.

Mermaid is an underwater, experimental short film that had premiered at the 10th Anniversary of the Female Eye Film Festival on June 22, 2012 at the Carlton Theatre. Mermaid was nominated for Best Experimental. The short also had a screening at the 1st Annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival in June 2013.

Scarborough Film Festival News Release May 2013 (.PDF)

Scarborough Film Festival Complete Program Lineup May 2013 (.PDF)